India Culture


Indian Culture, Traditions and Lifestyle

India’s culture could be rightly portrayed as a dynamic package that is quite rich in religion beliefs, festivals, rituals, spirituality, food customs, and other regional, traditional customs.

It is one of the oldest traditions in the world, which could be historically dated back to 8000 BC. The Indian culture is well discussed, and praised by the people throughout the world, especially its cuisines, and traditional customs that are followed in wedding and other family celebrations are notable ones in the list.


The religious beliefs and specific worships pertaining to a particular religion are immensely huge in the country, leading to a country with one of the most diversified religious cultures in the world. The country remains as the hosting place to almost all the religions, like Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, and other minority religions, but Hinduism bags a prominent place comprising 80% of people following the religion in the country. The religion is one of the major factor in India, dividing people, their groups and cultures. The sense of spirituality could be seen in every part of the country, and the abundant number of shrines, temples, and worship spots in the country would be vividly evident to this fact. Now, it has also started attracting the people from other countries in the world, wherever you go, you could see at least a bunch of foreigners, in fact our yoga concept, and prayers too have become quite popular among those people in the foreign countries.

Wow Inspiring Arts

Art is the best form in portraying a country’s fine culture, it may be of any format, say for instance, drama, dance, literature, music, visual arts, etc… amid many options available, dance, drama and theatre, and indeed music play a prominent role in depicting a country’s culture.


Incisively, the classical dance form, namely ‘Bharatanatyam’ has spread its wings in the southern part of the country, whereas dance types like ‘Kuchipudi,’ ‘Kathak,’and ‘Odishi’ are predominant in the northern and eastern parts of the country. The list doesn’t get filled up only with these forms, as there are unique dance types associated with every state in the country, i.e. Manipuri is a popular dance in Manipur, Sattriya is quite popular in the Assam region, similarly Dekhnni of Goa, and Dandiya of Gujarat… are renowned throughout the country. The specialty of Indian dance forms is that a variety would be prevailing in most of the forms, meaning the dance forms would be built around a theme, which would be further wrapped up with attractive colors, and shinning accessories, there are also commercial type of dances too in the country, particularly the folk dance category of both the southern and northern parts are majorly originated satisfying the commercial purposes, and hence would not be consisting the logical part, or themes.

Drama and Theatre

The life of drama initially burgeoned during the lifetime of the great poet Kalidasa, and his most popular plays, namely the Shakuntala and Meghadoota had actually risen the fame of dramatic plays, eventually the audience for such plays also started to grow. The traces of evidence for the existence of theatre could be found in Kerala, and it could be dated back some 2000 years!


Carnatic music should be given the full appreciation, as it did play a major role in fostering the music interests in the country, till date the Carnatic events and musical programs happen in the country, more dominantly in the southern part that too during the January month of every year, which would fall under the category of ‘Margazhi Uttsavam’ in Tamil Nadu. Apart from this, the traditional folk music could be predominantly heard throughout the country. Nowadays, the western music, and pop culture too have become the heartthrob in many parts of the country.

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